Vukuzenzele January - December 2020

“Vukuzenzele” is an isiXhosa word that means to wake up and do it for yourself.

This year-long programme is a multiplier project in and around Muizenberg with a strong focus on community resilience and social justice. The aim is to use training and empowerment methods to impart important skills that enable the participants to actively work for themselves and their communities.


The project includes workshops for 8 young multipliers in the areas of project management, communication, group leadership and participatory video approach. Throughout the year, the participants share their know-how in an exchange with a group from Xolobeni (Eastern Cape) that has been very active in protecting and preserving their land and resources from external interests. The two groups will share their learnings with each other, and also find creative ways to translate them into communication pieces to share with the world.

The project includes regular online and offline meetings, 2-5 days-workshops and two trainings of 12 days.

Given the unprecedented development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project had to move to online sessions in March 2020. Online webinars and virtual meetings with the group enabled the continuation of the process in a different, but exciting way.

InsightShare has supported the process in providing mentorship and knowledge they have accumulated over the past 20 years in the Participatory Video field.

This project is implemented in the framework of the AGYI Innovation Fund